A n t h o n yEve

Anthony Eve

Music Composer

I'm Anthony and I'm a Music Composer for Film and Media. My job is to combine my two favorite passions since as long as I can remember, music and storytelling.

Some of the films, works and documentaries I have had the pleasure of working on so far have been

'The Contractor' –FirstReelFilms (Action Short)

'Bachelor Boy' –Leanne Winters (Documentary Short)

'When Shell Came Calling'- Leanne Winters (Documentary Short)

'Philosophy of Money'- Short Play Festival (Live Score)

'Uncomfortably Numb'- Branchwork Media (Web Series)

'Avaritia'- Branchwork Media (Action Short)

'Greener Pastures'- Alex Doyle (Drama short)

'Undone Years'- Branchwork Media (Campaign)

'Scary Shit'- Gothic Storm (Trailer Album)

'SFX Trailer Percussion'- Gothic Storm (Trailer Album)

As well as others and commercial works/jingles.

After I finished my Diploma in Film Scoring with Berklee College of Music, I decided to further my musical education at Paul McCartney's Institute of Performing Arts in Liverpool (LIPA) for a Bachelors Degree in composition and production with an emphasis in Film scoring. It was at college that I began collaborating with various filmmakers and producers. Just before I graduated LIPA I began writing for the label Gothic Storm under Harmony Music, which gave me the opportunity to work alongside industry tops and have my music pitched for upcoming films from Sony, Universal, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

A main feature found in all my compositions would be melody and memorable themes. I find my influences come from a very wide spectrum; from modern electronic, pop and rock music to orchestral classical works. I would say my favorite sound is a hybrid of the two. Direct influences would be composers like Max Richter or Thomas Newman.

Most importantly I consider my job to be telling stories and conveying emotion. If I can authentically make the audience feel what my client intended, then that is a success to me. My best work always comes first from a strong connection with my director, collaborator or client.

If you have a project you would like me to work on then please get in touch via the 'Contact' tab at the top of the page. I look forwards to working with you and aiding your projects or other creative endeavours.


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A n t h o n yEve